Don’t let the insects ruin your summer.

Enjoy your porch, campsite or leave a window open without having to lose your mind over critters crawling under your skin. Protect your family from annoyance and spend your time together in peace and harmony.

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Conveniently Filters Out The Bad And Protects What’s Good

Hot summer weather is great but comes with a lot of nasty bugs. But not all of them are bad, and by killing every insect we also kill our gardens and the lush nature we want to experience in the first place

Fuze Bug is an ingenious device that is safe to use for both humans and for our ecosystem. Where other devices fail to protect us from toxic chemicals, cause accidentally zapped fingers and dead pollinators. Fuzebug is the most practical and convenient lantern that does the right kind of buzzkill.

Zap-Free Handling

100% Safe design to leave around kids & pets

Zapper Flashlight And Lantern

Also acts like a powerful flashlight

+20 Hour Battery

Never run out of battery at the wrong time

Bad Bug Targeting

Doesn’t attract or hurt non-biting insects

The Best Way To Deal With Bugs

It's unfathomable that humans, the apex species of the planet can't enjoy a day out with its family because of tiny insects. And there is no reason for it to be like that!

Traditional bug repellents like incense or skin appliances have toxic chemicals. And many electric zappers leave a mess of dead insects around that attracts pests.

Even the electric Zappers are poorly designed and kill off as many good insects as bad ones as well as accidentally zapping the user.

But the Fuze Bug has solved all of these problems and more! Now life isn’t just free from problems, it is full of convenience!

Stay Safe, Comfortable and Convenient

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Experience Beauty Without Annoyance

The team behind Fuze Bug has created a device that uses a specifically designed light frequency that mosquitoes and other harmful insects are naturally attracted to. And well inside the Fuze Bug their remains are safely stored until deposited at your discretion. Leaving your porch or campsite sanitized and fresh.

Use Fuze Bug as a cosy lantern at your campsite or at your porch while at the same time turning every terrorizing bug into dust. Don't let the lives of insects or batteries limit yours Fuze Bug will keep you undisturbed for + 20 hours on end!


The Fuze Bug is more powerful than your average bug repellent lamp thanks to the LED strobe light and ultraviolet lantern lighting.


For an unbeatable price of $39.99, the Fuze Bug is unmatched in quality, effectiveness and convenience compared to its competitors that rank higher in price.

100% safe

Bug sprays, lotions and anti-mosquito candles ooze an unpleasant smell that’s combined with chemicals. Fuze Bug contains no toxic materials, making it safe to use in any room of your home.

Tundra Breeze Portable Ac Uses Patented, Environmentally Friendly Cooling Technology


First of all, the major problem with zappers is that you ethir get zapped when handling them or they’re not safe around kids or pets. But the Fuze Bug has a perfectly designed protective grid that no matter how small your fingers are, you wont reach into the electrical parts. Furthermore the Fuze Bug uses no chemicals or headaching scents.


Many zappers are ruthless killing machines that kill everything, rendering your garden or even your whole neighborhood into a sterile desert with enough time as there won't be any pollinating insects left. The Fuze Bug on the other hand has a specific distance between its protective bars that only filters through the harmful insects but leaves the important and vital bumblebees alive.


Compared to other zappers that leave hundreds of dead insects spread around it that attracts a range of pests. The Fuze Bug’s smart design keeps your porch, desk or tent clean and free from the mess as it stores all of the dead insects within it. And since it’s waterproof you only have to soak or spray it with water to clean it. And in case the Fuze Bug had a particularly good night's hunt, you can always open the Fuze Bug to empty it if needed.


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    + 20 hours of peace within 375 square feet


    Return it for any reason within 30 days for a full refund of your initial order. Happy shopping!


    Simple delivery directly to your doorstep!

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Don’t take our word for it. Since launch we’ve received over 10,000 five star reviews from people that like to stay bug free. We love our customers and their feedback means the world to us. Every bug we repel is a huge win against these pesky pests.

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